Stone Cold Shatterings

Session 18
Who wants to be a millionaire?

Session 18

The party is threatened by a pack of wolves. Thorndar turns into a wolf and attempts to “talk” with them. They are Lythari elves, and he negotiates a deal with them to bring the party to the Lythari leaders. The party agrees, and surrenders their weapons.

The party is lead to a verdant, elegant settlement (reference point: Rivendell combined with Kashyyk) to the Lythari palace.

The Lythari King, Mainor Golon, sits on a throne of antlers, with a crown of fangs. After an awkward confrontation between the Wolf King and Fasgarron, then the King speaks with Thorndar about their respective homelands. He explains that the Lythari were seen as lycanthropes, so fled to Fang Island. The Mythal is ancient magic that protects the island and keeps it isolated from the world.

The King grills each character in the party on their backstories. Note for Fasgarron: Something about a Paladin that fell to Oathbreaker, then became a lich, then slaughtered everyone in Fasgarron’s temple.

The King then brings the party to a feast with many other Lythari and wolves.

During the feast, a loud screech is heard. It is a dragon. Sindro tells the king the party needs their weapons back, but the King says it is here for him. A huge white dragon lands in front of the King. The dragon looks over the party, then threatens the king, saying he got past their Mythal. The king responds, saying he will not be threatened by him, calling the dragon Sydros.

A Lythari who had taken Taerl’s trident charges the dragon, who obliterates a whole column of soldiers with ice breath. Thorndar tries to stand up to the dragon, and takes a nasty hit.

Sydros demands King Mainor to bring her the party’s heads in 36 hours, or the King and his people are forfeit.

12th of Mirtul (19 days to full moon)

The party plans to assault the dragon’s lair. They arrive, and do battle in a massive cave.

The dragon is eventually slain, and the Lythari are safe.

Taerl’s trident (re-gained)
Luck Blade
Potion of Gaseous Form
Potion of Invulnerability
Scroll of Protection from Fiends
Scroll of Incendiary Cloud
12 Million Gold (WTF?!)

Turns out 12 million gold is a logistical nightmare.

Thorndar returns to the Lythari city, seeking help to return the gold to the mainland. King Mainor knows nonchalantly about the 12 million gold. He lends us 60 men to crew a warship (the S.S. Trogdor) that we create out of thin air with the luck blade.

It takes 8 days to load up the ship, one extra day for some blacksmiths in the village to make Thorndar a set of dragonscale armor, then 5 more to get down to Waterdeep.

26st of Mirtul (5 days until full moon)

The party enters negotiations for buying a castle near Waterdeep, which they purchase for 1.5M. The crew returns to Fang Island, keeping the warship.

Session 17

Session 17

11th of Mirtul (21 days until full moon)

The party awakes, and plans their attack on High Captain Taerl. They decide they’re going to check out the place before making any concrete plans.

They travel to the Ruins of Ilusk, which looks like an entirely different civilization. They are ruins from a civilization that predates Neverwinter.

The party is ambushed by undead Wights. They are dispatched quickly.

They arrive at the ruin where Captain Taerl is hiding. The final assault begins and after a few kicks, a mending from Thorndar (for some reason!?), and a couple of eldritch blasts, the door is taken off its hinges.

Inside, the party fights its way through a hallway filled with archers and a burning oil trap to reach Taerl’s chamber. Inside, she had been torturing Grigarr. Battle ensues, and several elves with hand crossbows leap out and join the fight.

After an intense battle, High Captain Taerl is defeated, and knocked unconscious. Kurgen hefts his greatsword and decapitates her. Justice is served.

Grigarr is rescued from Taerl’s torture device. Fasgarron agrees to help him look for his missing Wyverns if Grigarr agrees to turn away from evil. At least verbally, he agrees.

250 Platinum
Taerl’s Trident
3 hand crossbows
3 sets of studded leather
1 set of full plate

The party returns to High Captain Suljack to claim their reward. Fasgarron is quite disgusted that Kurgen took the head with him.

Reward: 3 ivory goat statues

The party takes shelter for the night in the house to stay hidden from the gnolls looking for them. They retrieve Thorndar’s wolf from the stables during the evening.

12th of Mirtul (20 days until full moon)

Neroxiks asks the party to help him kill the man who killed his family. It’s a gnoll paladin who shed the demon Yeenoghu’s influence. The party agrees to help after traveling to Fang Island.

Before the party leaves, we ask Neroxiks’ dad about what’s going on in Neverwinter. He describes that the source stone that warms the city has been shattered, sending it into a cold winter. The cause is unsure.
We head out to the ship. Neroxiks bluffs our way through security, and we board, meeting the captain, a grizzled sea veteran.

The ship sails out, taking less than a day to reach our destination, however, we crash on the shore of the island in the middle of a blizzard. We make it to shore, but we have no ship now, and most of the crew has passed. An army of wolves comes out of the cold towards the party…

Thorndar has a Destiny Bonus (+1 to AC to him and all allies in 10 squares, probably)

Session 16

Session 16 Log

(Reward for stealing that box of fish were some sort of healing beads? Fasgarron is cured of his kleptomania.)

9th of Mirtul (1 day to full moon)

The adventure resumes with Kurgen and Fasgarron searching for leads on some missing children.

They talk to a widowed Tiefling named Whotchy Gretchen. Her missing child is apparently named Nivelly. The child had apparently fallen in with the Dead Rats’ Gang. The child was last seen at the Drowned Rat, a now-abandoned tavern. The place is worn down and falling to pieces.

They hear the sound of a coin being flipped, and then they see a human who appears to be chewing something, possibly tobacco or the like. Fasgarron asks him if he knows anything about the case, and the stranger asks for payment, and of course, Fasgarron offers his friendship…

A few more of his friends show up. Fasgarron tries to challenge them to some sort of game before Kurgen ends the silliness with a bribe.

The guy mentions that Nivelly was about to undergo her gang initiation, but many of their gang has also been disappearing.

Fasgarron offers to join the gang in an effort to get to the cause of the kidnapping by acting as bait. The idea is ultimately decided against. Not a whole lot has been learned yet.

They mention Bivin Ratfink as a missing gang member, then the party fills them in on his execution. Then they start transforming into wererats, despite not being a full moon? They’re natural lycanthropes, apparently. Combat begins.

They defeat the wererats. Fasgarron steals a shiv. Then they just leave.

Neroxiks leaves to investigate an elephant graveyard or something, and gets captured for character absence convenience.

The rest of the party meet back up, and decide they should go looking for Neroxiks to rescue him from whatever trouble he’s getting into. Turns out the Elephant Graveyard is a tavern.

Sindro investigates, and determines that Neroxiks didn’t even make it to the tavern. After a brief conversation with a Gnoll, the party decides to return where Neroxiks split off. After a search, the party finds signs of struggle, as if Neroxiks had been kidnapped. They find tiny footprints leading to the outskirts of town before they lose the trail.

Thorndar turns into a wolf, and finds that the scent of wyverns is nearby. No more significant traces here.

We eventually head back and go to the Seven Sails Inn, to talk to a bartender who might have information about the missing children. The bartender says that there’s a priest at the Winter Palace who had dealings with troubled kids, and might be related to the disappearances. The Winter Palace is the temple of Auril here in Luskan.

The party travels to the Winter Palace, a large, ornate, open temple. Thorndar gets very upset being there, and is escorted outside. Fasgarron and Sindro talk to the priest. He doesn’t give much useful info, but says that the kids had been in trouble with the law. He says the last time he had seen any of them was two weeks ago. Sindro detects that this isn’t true.

Thorndar climbs a pillar stealthily, and sees that the children are in fact being held captive by the temple. He messages this to Sindro, and he and Fasgarron leave.

Neroxiks has apparently been kidnapped by High Captain Taerl. Grigarr is also there. He’s hooked up to a machine that can siphon his life force. Taerl is interrogating him about ship structure or something? Neroxiks eventually convinces her to hook Grigarr up to the machine or something, and church bells start going off. Stuff’s weird.

Kevin casts darkness and breaks free of the restraints. In the confusion, he happens to find a secret door, and makes his way outside. He emerges in a crypt, in the ruins of Ilusk. He knows how to escape, but he knows that the undead live here.

Meanwhile, the rest of the party meets up to discuss their next move about the kids in the temple. They decide to return to the Drowned Rat inn to rest and plan their move. They seek help from the Dead Rats’ Gang.

Thorndar mentions a secret passage he found, and the plan is to attack through there while the Dead Rats’ Gang creates a distraction.

Back at the Temple of Valkur, Neroxiks reunites with the party, and passes out. Thorndar heals him, and the next morning, the party moves to attack the Winter Palace.

Fasgarron discovers that the inscription on his bow reads, “When the scorpion loses his fox, he must cease to be a scorpion.” None of the rest of the party know this.

Another day apparently passed at some point, and Sindro goes wolf, apparently? I definitely lost track of a night at some point.

10th of Mirtul (full moon)

Secrets of Lycanthropy, as told by Hyrsam to Sindro. He wants Sindro to compile this knowledge into a book and allow it to spread.

“The first secret is that when an afflicted lycanthrope is transformed during the full moon, it is not because the beast has taken over, but rather that the man and the beast inside are at war; therefore, the host becomes like an elephant on its must and attacks all in sight, with no rhyme or reason. The full moon gives the beast the power to attempt to wrest control from the man and beckons it to express itself outwardly; however, the beast has not taken control until the host’s outlook has been changed in human form as well. Any progeny the host produces from this point will be natural born lycanthropes. The second secret of lycanthropes is the relationship to silver. Silver only harms a werewolf if it makes contact with its blood. The beast feels an aversion to silver because Selune created silver as a weapon to fight off the avatar of Malar when he first invaded the world, a bow and arrow wielded by the hero Gevauden. Any other creatures weak against silver are vulnerable because these are monsters Gevauden slew with his bow and arrow in his life. When worn on the body, the silver acts as a gatekeeper instead of an executioner to the disease. This is because Selune recognizes that unlike with some creatures such as vampires and devils, there is still a good host at war with the beast. Just as the full moon acts as a power source for the beast, the silver acts as a whip and stool for the man.
The final phase of conquering the beast is when Hyrsam reveals the importance of the familiar on nights of the moon. A sufferer of lycanthropy need not suffer alone, and ultimately the beast is stronger than the man and if left to fight the beast alone, the man will eventually lose to the beast. A being closely bonded to the afflicted, whether it be a partner in marriage, a familiar, or creatures bonded by destiny, can lend their spirit to help the man gain control of the beast. After having to contend with the man, the silver, and that bonded to the man, the beast will eventually yield and become submissive to the man, and although the beast will outwardly express itself during the full moon, it will be submissive to the man’s command.”

The party informs the priests of Valkur of their attack plan. The priests are hesitant to attack themselves, as they say it will do no good.

In the morning, the party moves on to attack the Winter Palace. There’s a new wanted poster out for Neroxiks, offered by the High Captain, offering “enough gold to keep you warm for the rest of your days.” Sindro suspects that Taerl would reward whoever brought in the bounty with one gold piece, then set them on fire.

The battle begins, as the party attacks through the secret entrance that Thorndar found.



The enemies are defeated, and all of the children are alive, though several are wounded. Neroxiks and Fasgarron evacuate the children through the side entrance, while the rest deal with the people battering down the front door, assumed to be either the Dead Rats Gang.

Turns out it’s not the Dead Rats Gang. It’s a bunch of gnolls and trolls, looking for Neroxiks. Sindro throws them off the trail, but has to promise to bring Neroxiks to the Elephant Graveyard within 24 hours, or else they’ll come for us.

The party returns to the inn to regroup. Thorndar tries to sneak off somewhere, though the rest of the party notices. Thorndar agrees to have Sindro accompany him invisibly, but he’s detected. The people he meets with don’t seem to mind. The Captain Sindro meets is High Captain Dagmaer Suljack. The people he meet tell Thorndar they know more about the Lythari. There’s an island called Fang Island that had legends of a lost people. No ships have ever made it there.

The woman wants a favor from Thorndar before giving them a ship to try to go to Fang Island. A rival ship has been causing them trouble. The rival is High Captain Throa Taerl. Of course, the party agrees to go. Before they leave, Captain Suljack pulls aside Sindro to talk to him. She offers a pair of ivory goat statues if the party brings her Taerl’s head, even though they don’t need to kill her to complete the job, just remove her from power.
Thorndar and Sindro head back to the inn and explain the situation. The party decides to ignore the gnolls, confident they can defeat whoever they send as long as they are rested and prepared. They rest and begin to plan their attack on Taerl.

Session 15
The mysterious flying fish crate

Session 15

8th of Mirtul (2 days to full moon)

(The censer found last session is a Censer of Controlling Air Elementals)

The party has arrived in Luskan, and have been greeted by a huge welcoming party of gnolls. Thorndar hits an epic Ice Storm to wipe out a ton of them. Sindro polymorphs into a blue slaad and wrecks some face.

After a chaotic mess of a fight, the heroes are victorious.

Loot: 20 hide armors, 23 spears, 23 longbows, 4 short swords

After the fight, 5 guards with ravens on their armor approach, asking what the deal is. After explaining the story, they say that the gnolls are from the Spearfang Gnolls. They want to take Thorndar in for questioning. Sindro attempts to mind trick them, but it fails and want to take him in too. Then Neroxiks suddenly casts darkness and everyone makes a break for it.

We go to the Temple of Valkur to rest and regroup. It’s a temple that’s also a mead hall, apparently. Basically Skyrim. Thorndar gets us free room and board. A strange individual approaches Neroxiks and has a long, mysterious conversation. It’s Neroxiks’ old master, and apparently his father. Kurgen overhears this, and determines that he is from Luskan. He also picks up on the fact that Neroxiks has an object of power (the Book of Exalted Deeds), but Kurgen doesn’t know its exact nature.

9th of Mirtul (1 day to full moon)

The next day, we go to sell our loot. We go to the equivalent of the foreign quarter first to sell stuff, then to the main market. We notice that there are wanted posters up for Neroxiks, Thorndar, and Sindro. Thorndar gets into a disguise, Neroxiks puts on a hood, and Sindro returns to the inn.

They pass through the prison carnival first, where they come across a gnome named Bivin Ratfink. He’s a wererat, part of the Dead Rats Gang. He was fed verminroot laced with silver, turns into a wererat, and dies a slow, painful, agonizing death. The execution was administered by High Captain Terrell, who whispered stuff in his ear and played accordion.

They get to the market, and someone offers to sell Thorndar a magic item at a discount if they steal some fish or something.

A gnome approaches Kurgen about joining the Harpers, who we’ve met before. They send him on a sidequest about rescuing children.

Thorndar, Neroxiks, and Sindro go and steal a box of rainbow puffer fish from a warehouse guarded by fire giants.

For next session: The party is split. Kurgen and Fasgarron are going to go help find missing children for the Harpers.

Session 14

Session 14

3rd of Mirtul (7 days until full moon)

The party continues into another room of the ghost ship, and fights some more Sahuagins, including a priestess of some sort.

Loot: 21 gold, some tridents (a few party members took one each), 13 platinum

Downstairs. Two ghosts.

Loot the room: 120 platinum, 7 moonstones, 3 potions of healing

More ghosts.

We find a chest. More loot: 11 amethysts, bottle of rum.

Next room has a water elemental. Renshin the Boatman’s personal journal is in the room, detailing the sinkings of over 50 ships.

Remind: level up at end of session.

Next room: More ghosts.

Loot: 62 gold, 4 gold bracelets, a piece of (magically waterproof) paper in a chest

“To he who pays tribute to otherworldly beings,
to banish the Boatman’s Bane, recite yonder incantations

By the power of the planes
By the ocean’s waves
I banish thee back
To thy watery grave

These words must be incanted in unison by all patrons in attendance”

Boss Battle: 2 water elementals, ghost of Renshin the Boatman

After boss is defeated, incantation performed. A book materializes in Neroxik’s hands.

He later reveals to Sindro that the book allows spellcasting when in involuntary, unnatural forms, i.e. Sindro’s wolf form. Neroxiks begins transcribing the book, and Sindro begins learning from it.

5 days later, the party arrives at Luskan.

8th of Mirtul (2 days until full moon)

At the docks, there are 27 gnolls and 11 hyenas, one especially large, waiting to attack. (Reminder: start session w/combat, maybe divide loot first)

Session 13

Session 13

24th of Tarsakh (16 days to full moon)

The party departs for Luskan on a boat. It is stupidly expensive, for some reason. The captain is a dwarf named Elijah Moby.

27th of Tarsakh (13 days to full moon)

Three days in, the party is attacked by barbarian pirates, somehow. When we defeat them, we find a treasure map, the wreck of the 3PS Carcharadon. According to legend, the ship was the most fearsome pirate ship to ever sail the Sea of Swords, sinking over 50 other ships. It sunk over 100-200 years ago, allegedly. Captain Moby warns that the ghost of his ship still lingers around the sea.

28th of Tarsakh (12 days)

Fasgarron’s kleptomania rears its head, and a very strange sequence of events takes place. Fasgarron is attempting to catch/steal a shark that was following the ship. More than half the party is drunk, and Fasgarron ends up falling off the boat, and Thorndar has to go in and save him.


Fasgarron resists the urge until the journey ends.

2nd of Mirtul (8 days until full moon)

We pass Neverwinter, and notice that it’s snowing. This is VERY not normal. Three of the party, the SAME ONES THAT LEFT THE PARTY IN LIMBO, jump off the boat onto the ice.

Neroxiks is forcibly dragged back to the ship, including some coercion from Sindro, and travel continues.

3rd of Mirtul (7 days until full moon)

The next day, a strange ghost ship appears. It is the phantom of the 3PS Carcharadon. A ghostly ship captain threatens us. We are attacked by ghostly pirates. The captain is named Renshin the Boatman’s Bane. He doesn’t attack us directly, though. We drive off the ghostly pirates.

The captain explains to the party that the ghost pirates will continue to attack us every night. Neroxiks knows of a way to lift the curse, by boarding the ghost ship and finding a scroll on it, and doing some sort of ritual to remove the curse from it.

We use the map we found to chase the ghost ship. It’s not at the coordinates because it’s underwater. The captain has some sort of special rum that lets us breathe underwater for 8 hours. We dive down to the ship.

We fight off some Sahuagins, a shark, and a water weird. Treasure: 33 gold, 5 pearls, 4 tourmalines.

We pull a chest out of some weird sludgy water. 14 chrysoberyls and a censer.

Session 12
Law and Order: Forgotten Realms Unit

Session 12

22nd of Tarsahk (18 days to full moon)

The party talks about their next move and drinks at the tavern for a while. They discuss how to reach Ravengard to inform him about the state of the Flaming Fist in the lower city. Thorndar knows of a priestess of Tymora in the city, Wendy, who may be able to help. The party then decides to rest for the night before proceeding.

23rd of Tarsahk (17 days to full moon)

The party heads to the temple of Tymora, where they find Wendy, who is apparently from the Forgotten Realms version of France. We ask if she can help us get to the Upper City. She says we need to go to the Parliament of Appeals. She also asked for our help. One of her patrons, a drow with red hair named Driel Crimsonborn, was unlawfully imprisoned, and she requests us to find a way to get her released without bloodshed.

The plan is to have Neroxiks impersonate the prison captain and get the prisoner freed. Neroxiks does so, and makes his way into the prison. He convinces the guards to bring her out of the cell and to the captain’s office, through some really weird acting.

After escorting the Drow back to the temple, Wendy directs us to the Parliament of Appeals, and can get us a recommendation from Alphus Tauriel, a representative of the Parliament for the Lower City. Driel says she has documents necessary for bringing down Captain Tharcus’ career. She wears a cloak to hide her identity, which some in the party recognize as a Harpers’ Cloak, a secret society of do-gooders.

The party heads to Driel’s house to retrieve some military transcripts important to bringing down Tharcus’ rule. The house was ransacked, but some of the documents are found. Afterward, we go to Alfus Tauriel. Kurgen can go testify against Tharcus in court. Neroxiks has to teach Kurgen courtroom manners.

The next day, when Kurgen goes to the courtroom, the rest of the party, minus Neroxiks, goes to the market. Neroxiks tries to do research on who killed his family.

The trial commences, with Ravengard as the judge, and Alfus as the prosecution. Kurgen testifies, followed by Jacquo and Roy, then Tharcus himself. At the end, the jury pronounces Tharcus guilty, with the sentence of banishment. At this point, the courtroom goes dark, and when the lights come back, the Watch standing guard in there are dead, and Tharcus is gone. Ravengard declares Tharcus an enemy of the state.

The party rendezvous at the inn, and decide to go after Tharcus. They make for the military stables, where Tharcus would be going to retrieve his horse. A battle ensues. At the end of the fight, Tharcus has been incapacitated. Suddenly, some sort of pyramid rises out of the ground, with a 60-foot square base, destroying the barn and leaving the party on the side of it. It apparently contains an incredibly powerful mummy lord. We have to make sure that they keep it contained until we’re strong enough to return.

We sleep.
24th of Tarsakh (16 days to full moon)

We go to the port, and find a boat bound for Luskan. (We still need to negotiate the price)

Session 11
Getting the Band Back Together

Session 11

14th of Karsakh – Sindro and Kurgen finally arrive at Candlekeep. The party is finally reunited, and Sindro tears them a new one.

Neroxiks asks the monks of Candlekeep about the Book of Exalted Deeds. The Archmage there brings him deep into a hidden sanctum. They give him the book, but cast a Geas upon him, that commands him that after he uses it, bring back the Book to Candlekeep, along with a groundbreaking work of literature or research.

At night, Neroxiks tries to sneak away from the group (again), but Thorndar catches him trying to leave. After an inspiring monologue by Thorndar, Neroxiks decides to stay, for now.

15th of Karsakh (25 days to full moon)

The party departs, to resume its long-delayed objective of getting to Luskan. On the road, the party is attacked by some strange, burrowing creatures. They are Bullettes. They are defeated.

22nd of Karsahk (18 days to full moon)

We find that we’re in the lower city of Baldur’s Gate. We go through to the inner city where we meet some Flaming Fist soldiers. We get through, and go to a shop, where some Flaming Fist grunts are trying to rob the place, though Thorndar scares him off.

We find that the Flaming Fist have been harassing people in the area and collecting protection money. We later head to a tavern called the “Leering Pony.” Kurgen trades stories with a few of his old buddies he finds there.

One of them relays to Sindro and Kurgen that when Colonel Tharkas took over, the Flaming Fist went way downhill. They mention that the Marshal of the Flaming Fist, Uldar Ravengard, would be disappointed if he knew what was going on, though he’s up in the Upper City where it is difficult to reach him, and word doesn’t travel there easily, particularly if you aren’t human.

(get exp. from dealing with soldiers in the shop)

Session 10

Session 10

Thorndar remembers that he has Sending, and sends a message to Kurgen and Sindro letting them know the situation. The party plans to meet up at Baldur’s Gate.

Kurgen and Sindro continue their travels to Scornubel, which takes another day.
K&S – 7th of Karsahk (5 days to full moon)
T&N&F – 3rd of Karsahk

At the caravan, there are three days left of travel before Candlekeep. The caravan is attacked again, this time by lizardfolk.

Back to Kurgen and Sindro. They arrive at Scornubel, and it seems emptier than it should be. The townspeople seem to be covered in welts or stings. Sindro notes that the stings look similar to Wyvern stings. They ask a townsperson, and they say a week or two ago, some sort of plague came over the city. They say the healer’s house of Lathander could tell us more.

A female white dragonborn explains that Wyverns infected the drinking water, coming from the east, which is the same direction we came from (meaning it’s probably Grigarr). The party heads to the Jaded Unicorn, a pretty bad tavern in the area. It’s a total mess right now. Everyone is basically having a barfight. The two leave. They instead head to the Raging Lion. The innkeep notes a figure with a crow’s mask was seen near the wyverns. The two finish their drink and leave.

The two head down the river to the west to attempt to see the problem for themselves. Sindro notes that the Wyverns are infecting the river downstream from the town, which shouldn’t be impacting the town’s water supply, and also that if they were infecting the river, it would travel down to Baldur’s Gate itself.

They find the Wyverns and Grigarr, and Grigarr tells them the wyvern venom shouldn’t be affecting the townsfolk. There’s not enough venom, and it’s only harmful if it enters the bloodstream. He tells the party to check the Nightshade Nightclub. The two return to town and go to the nightclub. It’s run down, and there’s blood outside. Inside, everyone is dead. They’re attacked by a chimera, and barely manage to defeat it.

After defeating it, they gut the chimera, and find a note inside. It’s addressed to someone named Zasstor.

“Grigarr has outlived his usefulness. Make it look like an accident.


The group returns to the healers’ house. They explain their findings to the leader there, and find that she’s acting suspicious. When they asked if she stocked potions of cure wounds, she explained that if they did, they would be used on those ill, even though those potions wouldn’t cure poison. She also fumbled around for a moment when asked for her name, before giving “Martha.”

Sindro attempts Suggestion to force persuade her to tell the real story. She pulls out a Morningstar, which she says is magically enhanced to simulate wyvern venom. She tainted the water supply herself in an attempt to get adventurers to do her dirty work for her and kill Grigarr. Her name is Zasstor Faldo. A fight breaks out, and Grigarr, who they were trying to eliminate, shows up for the assist.

The battle is won, and it turns out the clergy of Lathander had been imprisoned by the Zhentarim. They quickly get to work on administering the cure for the plague. Once finished, they sleep. They also find a note on the bodies saying that the “Aurilian comrades would prefer that as few fire-resistant creatures survive.”

K&S: 8th of Karsahk (4 days to full moon)

Back to Thorndar, Neroxiks, and Fasgarron

After the battle, “Rita,” the “wand seller,” (actually Zhentarim agent Brianna) has vanished from the caravan. The group talks to the caravan leader, but initially gets blown off because Thorndar is acting like an idiot. The caravan head is named “Passion Yagdrath” However, several people were kidnapped from the caravan during the attack.

They interrogate a lizardman, and find that the captives were taken to a Pirate Queen. They mess around trying to persuade him to spill on where she is, then Thorndar remembers he has Zone of Truth, and they reveal that the Pirate Queen is Brianna (AKA Rita), and where to find her.

The caravan continues, and they end up at Candlekeep.

T&N&F – 7th of Karsahk

Thorndar buys a joke book for 10 freaking gold. Talking to one of the monks at Candlekeep, they persuade them to send out riders to do a prisoner exchange. They also negotiate to enter Candlekeep, and it turns out the monks want to study the mind of the author of the joke book because it’s so bad. They send a message to Baldur’s Gate to request that he is sent to Candlekeep. They send a message to Sindro and Kurgen requesting them to go to Candlekeep.

Sindro and Kurgen depart on the ferry to Baldur’s gate, after which they will travel south to Baldur’s Gate.

K&S – 10th of Karsahk (2 days to full moon)
Kurgen and Sindro arrive in Baldur’s Gate. They depart the next morning (11th of Karsahk) buy some healing potions before departing south for Candlekeep, which will take three days. 
K&S – 12th of Karsahk (Night of full moon)
Kurgen and Sindro find a secluded spot on the path to prepare for Sindro’s turning.

The fight is simple, and Sindro can’t even scratch Kurgen. It’s a beatdown. However, Sindro gets closer to controlling his wolf form.

They are set to arrive at Candlekeep on the 14th of Karsakh (26 days until next full moon)

Session 9

Session 9

Fasgarron, Thorndar, and Neroxiks make their way to Murann, and decide to basically start a small zoo, for some reason. Thorndar buys a domesticated dire wolf, they pool for some draft horses and a carriage, Fasgarron buys a kitten, and Neroxiks buys a giant boar. It’s been three days since going through the portal

They depart for Candlekeep with a caravan.

First day of travel uneventful.

On the second day, they meet a Zhentarim Tiefling and a human female in their caravan who Thorndar and Neroxiks think is oddly familiar. Neroxiks seems to remember her being from Darkhold Vale. Neroxiks and Thorndar disguise themselves, Neroxiks as a high elf, and Thorndar as a half-Orc.

The party approaches the unknown female who introduces herself as Rita, and asks the party if they want to buy wands.

Neroxiks charms ANOTHER shopkeeper. They’re trying to buy a dead wand from her that she refuses to sell. They attempt to steal it, too. It fails. Neroxiks’ familiar dies too. This is apparently the Zhentarim lieutenant that we threatened to escape the Zhentarim manor.

On the third day, they find that the Zhentarim Tiefling is dead, apparently by a greatsword. They search the caravan for greatswords and find that Fasgarron is the only one in the caravan with a greatsword. He uses his status as a paladin and one honored by the city, and they determine that it’s still not for sale.

On the fourth day, they encounter a Triceratops on the road that attacks the caravan. They defeat the Triceratops with no casualties.

Later, Thorndar and Neroxiks reveal that they know her real name, and she is beginning to really not like them. Neroxiks disguises himself as Sindro during this.

At least a full hour of this session was spent harassing this Zhentarim/wand seller person.

Jump back to Kurgen and Sindro. They depart the monastery wearing the Slaad cloaks. They take them off as they approach the Sanctum of True Names. It looks like a building constructed entirely from mirrors. The interior looks like a pond, surrounded by reeds. A shadowy figure about the size of a horse can be seen.

They enter the room. The shape becomes clear, and is some sort of mass of roots and plant matter. The thing asks if we are here for the true names, and we say yes. It says we can only get one name from here. The creature says it is called the Keeper of True Names.

Sindro explains whose true name he is looking for. Before the Keeper will give it to the two, it tests their strength through combat.

The Keeper of True Names is defeated literally seconds before Sindro dies. The Keeper reveals the true name of the Slaad that terrorized Sindro’s village is called Tyrophant the Deceiver.

Switch back to the other group. The caravan is now being attacked by ogres.

After a long battle, they are victorious over the ogres and protect the caravan again, though two guards were lost.

Later, they are attacked by minotaurs. Turns out Neroxiks made a deal with Brianna for something if he didn’t attack the minotaurs. The rest of the remaining party started fighting them, but then during the battle the minotaurs during battle were asking for a woman from the Zhentarim in return for safe passage. It was some random Zhentarim they didn’t really know anything about.

Eventually the 14th day is reached.

Jump back to the Limbo group.

Sindro speaks the true name of the Slaad, and commands him to keep him and any other Slaad he can away from harassing the forest and to never enter the material plane willingly again. We have him return us to the forest and we explain to the gnomes and sprites that the Slaad will trouble them no more. We stay at the village for another two days to attend the service of Sindro’s master (who they determined died at the hands of the Slaad), before departing for Scornubel, to attempt to find a mage that knows sending, in order to determine the status of the other party members.

6th of Karsahk – 6 days until Sindro transforms again.


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