Fasgarron of Kelemvor

Aasimar Paladin


jimmy can describe him better than I can


Loves both his god and religion in general. His character and his place within his community is his most important trait that he holds himself to. He just genuinely wants to help others and serve his god.
Hates the undead with a passion.
His back story is that when he first decided to become an adventurer his party was attacked by a group of undead. They killed his party, and he only barely escaped. Being that he was already a worshipper of Kelemvor, he already had a distaste for the undead. After they killed his party he was somewhat consumed by that hatred. He took up doing bounties for his religion as a way to avenge his party that had fallen. The reason he’s a paladin is simply because of how devoted to his religion he is considering he was already a fighter.
He’s from a small village in the Frozen Forest.

Fasgarron of Kelemvor

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