Kurgen Durillo

Red Dragonborn Fighter


He is a red dragon born with a scar near his eye that he gained from an ambush by the Luskans who killed his men


Kurgen Durillo grew up in Balder’s Gate soon he ended up fighting against the Luskans he ended up leading raids against them as part of the Flaming FIsts. He is very fond of standing up for those who can’t stand up for themselves which lead him to fighting for the Fists. while fighting for the fists him and his men were sent to investigate Luskan activity and provide reconnaissance when they came upon a town known as Bitter Springs. The town was wiped out. He saw women and children killed by the Luskan party and it was this moment that sealed his convictions and hatred against the luskans. This was only further driven when his men were killed in a luskan ambush by arrows that immolated their bodies, and he was the only one who survived. He was then helped out by sprites led by Feedily. He then found out that High Captain Throa Taerl was the one behind the attacks against Balder’s Gate and he wants her head to avenge his squad, put an end to attacks on civilians, and to send the Luskans a message, do not mess with Balder’s Gate. Soon afterwards Kurgen became an adventurer for hire which leads us to where we are now

Likes: a good drink, anyone who is willing to help him get his revenge, his old unit the flaming fists, a good fight

Hates: Luskans especially high captain Taerl, those who take advantage of the less fortunate and the weak

Reason for being there: he had just finished a caravan escort job and was inbetween jobs at the moment

Kurgen Durillo

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