Sindro "Greenhand" Murgel

Forest Gnome Warlock.


Forest Gnome Warlock. You do the rest Robert


Sindro grew up as a member of a tribe of Forest Gnomes deep in the Reaching Woods. He was the apprentice of the tribe’s shaman, Alston “Badger” Blaen. Alston taught Sindro about the nature of the Archfey, and guided him into making a pact with Hyrsam, the first Satyr. Several months after entering the pact, Alston disappeared without a trace. The rest of the tribe then viewed Sindro with suspicion, thinking he might have had something to do with it. Several nights later, the village was attacked by strange, unknown creatures that Sindro didn’t recognize. He attempted to use his basic magical abilities to defend them, but was forced to flee. After a day of wandering the woods, he received a message in a dream from Hyrsam to leave the woods and start journeying south. After several weeks, he’s passing through Priapurl when the adventure begins.

He reveres and respects nature, particularly that of the forests and the Fey, though he doesn’t “love” it in a stereotypical tree-hugger sense.

He finds the culture of the outside world to often be confusing and annoying. He also takes insults very personally, and will hold grudges (the flaw I rolled).

He’s here because Hyrsam has guided him to do so, though he’s not sure of Hyrsam’s intentions for him yet. He would like to eventually discover what happened to his village, and learn the fate of his old master.

Sindro "Greenhand" Murgel

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