Thorndar Merah

Lythari elf Cleric of Valkur


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Thorndar Merah is a lythari elf cleric from Sossal in the deep north. He worships the god Valkur. He was found as a child outside Sossal on a boat and adopted by a pair of elves, named Illitran and Eloimaya Merah from the city. His parents thought he was just a normal elf until one day he suddenly turned into a wolf which surprised his parents. At first they were terrified that he was a werewolf until they realized he showed no hostility at all. Thorn eventually turned back into his elf form. Confused by his transformation they decided to figure out what he was and went and consulted one of the old master elves. It was there they learned of the legend of the Lythari elves and how they were an ancient race that were believed to be extinct. This only brought up more questions as to where he came from. Eventually he grew up and became a cleric of Auril, the god of winter. During his first Wet Parade, he almost succumbed to death from the cold and frost but managed to survive and become a cleric. However over time he started realizing the corruption and wickedness that was spreading because of Auril’s practice and could no longer take it. Thorn decide to rebel with his best friend Ogden Atherton and they went to try to take over one of Auril’s temples in Sossal. They fought with all their might and eventually made it to the room where Auril’s statue stood and as Thorn went to destroy it he was struck down by a blow to the side and as he fell he was mortified as it turned out he was betrayed by Ogden who had been working for Auril the entire time. As he drifted into unconsciousness he heard Ogden say that this is the fate of anyone who stands in the way of Auril. When Thorn woke up he found himself set adrift into the frozen sea in a small dingy. It was at this point he forsook Auril as his god and gave up on surviving. He spent 15 days on the dingy and right as his boat was about to be swallowed by the sea, the clouds settled and the waves calmed and everything became still, then he heard a voice speak to him and say, “I am Valkur, become my cleric and I shall deliver you to safety.” So he accepted and within the night found land. Over the next few months he built and dedicated a temple to Valkur, who was pleased and granted Thorn favor. One day Valkur spoke to Thorn and told him there was more to his destiny that this island and that he must go to the town of Priapurl, and there his journey will begin. So Thorn set off wondering if this will bring him closer to solving the mystery of his race, what happened to them and where he came from, along with what his destiny truly was?.
Thorn likes to explore and travel to new sites and places, he loves to see the beauty that new places bring and the majesty they hold.
He despises the religion of Auril and has particular deep-seated issues with Ogden, he also despises those that tarnish beauty and nature.
He has a close connection with the weather in particular storms and clouds as they remind him that Valkur is always by his side.

Thorndar Merah

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