Stone Cold Shatterings

Session 13

Session 13

24th of Tarsakh (16 days to full moon)

The party departs for Luskan on a boat. It is stupidly expensive, for some reason. The captain is a dwarf named Elijah Moby.

27th of Tarsakh (13 days to full moon)

Three days in, the party is attacked by barbarian pirates, somehow. When we defeat them, we find a treasure map, the wreck of the 3PS Carcharadon. According to legend, the ship was the most fearsome pirate ship to ever sail the Sea of Swords, sinking over 50 other ships. It sunk over 100-200 years ago, allegedly. Captain Moby warns that the ghost of his ship still lingers around the sea.

28th of Tarsakh (12 days)

Fasgarron’s kleptomania rears its head, and a very strange sequence of events takes place. Fasgarron is attempting to catch/steal a shark that was following the ship. More than half the party is drunk, and Fasgarron ends up falling off the boat, and Thorndar has to go in and save him.


Fasgarron resists the urge until the journey ends.

2nd of Mirtul (8 days until full moon)

We pass Neverwinter, and notice that it’s snowing. This is VERY not normal. Three of the party, the SAME ONES THAT LEFT THE PARTY IN LIMBO, jump off the boat onto the ice.

Neroxiks is forcibly dragged back to the ship, including some coercion from Sindro, and travel continues.

3rd of Mirtul (7 days until full moon)

The next day, a strange ghost ship appears. It is the phantom of the 3PS Carcharadon. A ghostly ship captain threatens us. We are attacked by ghostly pirates. The captain is named Renshin the Boatman’s Bane. He doesn’t attack us directly, though. We drive off the ghostly pirates.

The captain explains to the party that the ghost pirates will continue to attack us every night. Neroxiks knows of a way to lift the curse, by boarding the ghost ship and finding a scroll on it, and doing some sort of ritual to remove the curse from it.

We use the map we found to chase the ghost ship. It’s not at the coordinates because it’s underwater. The captain has some sort of special rum that lets us breathe underwater for 8 hours. We dive down to the ship.

We fight off some Sahuagins, a shark, and a water weird. Treasure: 33 gold, 5 pearls, 4 tourmalines.

We pull a chest out of some weird sludgy water. 14 chrysoberyls and a censer.



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