Stone Cold Shatterings

Session 14

Session 14

3rd of Mirtul (7 days until full moon)

The party continues into another room of the ghost ship, and fights some more Sahuagins, including a priestess of some sort.

Loot: 21 gold, some tridents (a few party members took one each), 13 platinum

Downstairs. Two ghosts.

Loot the room: 120 platinum, 7 moonstones, 3 potions of healing

More ghosts.

We find a chest. More loot: 11 amethysts, bottle of rum.

Next room has a water elemental. Renshin the Boatman’s personal journal is in the room, detailing the sinkings of over 50 ships.

Remind: level up at end of session.

Next room: More ghosts.

Loot: 62 gold, 4 gold bracelets, a piece of (magically waterproof) paper in a chest

“To he who pays tribute to otherworldly beings,
to banish the Boatman’s Bane, recite yonder incantations

By the power of the planes
By the ocean’s waves
I banish thee back
To thy watery grave

These words must be incanted in unison by all patrons in attendance”

Boss Battle: 2 water elementals, ghost of Renshin the Boatman

After boss is defeated, incantation performed. A book materializes in Neroxik’s hands.

He later reveals to Sindro that the book allows spellcasting when in involuntary, unnatural forms, i.e. Sindro’s wolf form. Neroxiks begins transcribing the book, and Sindro begins learning from it.

5 days later, the party arrives at Luskan.

8th of Mirtul (2 days until full moon)

At the docks, there are 27 gnolls and 11 hyenas, one especially large, waiting to attack. (Reminder: start session w/combat, maybe divide loot first)



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