Stone Cold Shatterings

Session 15

The mysterious flying fish crate

Session 15

8th of Mirtul (2 days to full moon)

(The censer found last session is a Censer of Controlling Air Elementals)

The party has arrived in Luskan, and have been greeted by a huge welcoming party of gnolls. Thorndar hits an epic Ice Storm to wipe out a ton of them. Sindro polymorphs into a blue slaad and wrecks some face.

After a chaotic mess of a fight, the heroes are victorious.

Loot: 20 hide armors, 23 spears, 23 longbows, 4 short swords

After the fight, 5 guards with ravens on their armor approach, asking what the deal is. After explaining the story, they say that the gnolls are from the Spearfang Gnolls. They want to take Thorndar in for questioning. Sindro attempts to mind trick them, but it fails and want to take him in too. Then Neroxiks suddenly casts darkness and everyone makes a break for it.

We go to the Temple of Valkur to rest and regroup. It’s a temple that’s also a mead hall, apparently. Basically Skyrim. Thorndar gets us free room and board. A strange individual approaches Neroxiks and has a long, mysterious conversation. It’s Neroxiks’ old master, and apparently his father. Kurgen overhears this, and determines that he is from Luskan. He also picks up on the fact that Neroxiks has an object of power (the Book of Exalted Deeds), but Kurgen doesn’t know its exact nature.

9th of Mirtul (1 day to full moon)

The next day, we go to sell our loot. We go to the equivalent of the foreign quarter first to sell stuff, then to the main market. We notice that there are wanted posters up for Neroxiks, Thorndar, and Sindro. Thorndar gets into a disguise, Neroxiks puts on a hood, and Sindro returns to the inn.

They pass through the prison carnival first, where they come across a gnome named Bivin Ratfink. He’s a wererat, part of the Dead Rats Gang. He was fed verminroot laced with silver, turns into a wererat, and dies a slow, painful, agonizing death. The execution was administered by High Captain Terrell, who whispered stuff in his ear and played accordion.

They get to the market, and someone offers to sell Thorndar a magic item at a discount if they steal some fish or something.

A gnome approaches Kurgen about joining the Harpers, who we’ve met before. They send him on a sidequest about rescuing children.

Thorndar, Neroxiks, and Sindro go and steal a box of rainbow puffer fish from a warehouse guarded by fire giants.

For next session: The party is split. Kurgen and Fasgarron are going to go help find missing children for the Harpers.



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