Stone Cold Shatterings

Session 17

Session 17

11th of Mirtul (21 days until full moon)

The party awakes, and plans their attack on High Captain Taerl. They decide they’re going to check out the place before making any concrete plans.

They travel to the Ruins of Ilusk, which looks like an entirely different civilization. They are ruins from a civilization that predates Neverwinter.

The party is ambushed by undead Wights. They are dispatched quickly.

They arrive at the ruin where Captain Taerl is hiding. The final assault begins and after a few kicks, a mending from Thorndar (for some reason!?), and a couple of eldritch blasts, the door is taken off its hinges.

Inside, the party fights its way through a hallway filled with archers and a burning oil trap to reach Taerl’s chamber. Inside, she had been torturing Grigarr. Battle ensues, and several elves with hand crossbows leap out and join the fight.

After an intense battle, High Captain Taerl is defeated, and knocked unconscious. Kurgen hefts his greatsword and decapitates her. Justice is served.

Grigarr is rescued from Taerl’s torture device. Fasgarron agrees to help him look for his missing Wyverns if Grigarr agrees to turn away from evil. At least verbally, he agrees.

250 Platinum
Taerl’s Trident
3 hand crossbows
3 sets of studded leather
1 set of full plate

The party returns to High Captain Suljack to claim their reward. Fasgarron is quite disgusted that Kurgen took the head with him.

Reward: 3 ivory goat statues

The party takes shelter for the night in the house to stay hidden from the gnolls looking for them. They retrieve Thorndar’s wolf from the stables during the evening.

12th of Mirtul (20 days until full moon)

Neroxiks asks the party to help him kill the man who killed his family. It’s a gnoll paladin who shed the demon Yeenoghu’s influence. The party agrees to help after traveling to Fang Island.

Before the party leaves, we ask Neroxiks’ dad about what’s going on in Neverwinter. He describes that the source stone that warms the city has been shattered, sending it into a cold winter. The cause is unsure.
We head out to the ship. Neroxiks bluffs our way through security, and we board, meeting the captain, a grizzled sea veteran.

The ship sails out, taking less than a day to reach our destination, however, we crash on the shore of the island in the middle of a blizzard. We make it to shore, but we have no ship now, and most of the crew has passed. An army of wolves comes out of the cold towards the party…

Thorndar has a Destiny Bonus (+1 to AC to him and all allies in 10 squares, probably)



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