Stone Cold Shatterings

Session 12

Law and Order: Forgotten Realms Unit

Session 12

22nd of Tarsahk (18 days to full moon)

The party talks about their next move and drinks at the tavern for a while. They discuss how to reach Ravengard to inform him about the state of the Flaming Fist in the lower city. Thorndar knows of a priestess of Tymora in the city, Wendy, who may be able to help. The party then decides to rest for the night before proceeding.

23rd of Tarsahk (17 days to full moon)

The party heads to the temple of Tymora, where they find Wendy, who is apparently from the Forgotten Realms version of France. We ask if she can help us get to the Upper City. She says we need to go to the Parliament of Appeals. She also asked for our help. One of her patrons, a drow with red hair named Driel Crimsonborn, was unlawfully imprisoned, and she requests us to find a way to get her released without bloodshed.

The plan is to have Neroxiks impersonate the prison captain and get the prisoner freed. Neroxiks does so, and makes his way into the prison. He convinces the guards to bring her out of the cell and to the captain’s office, through some really weird acting.

After escorting the Drow back to the temple, Wendy directs us to the Parliament of Appeals, and can get us a recommendation from Alphus Tauriel, a representative of the Parliament for the Lower City. Driel says she has documents necessary for bringing down Captain Tharcus’ career. She wears a cloak to hide her identity, which some in the party recognize as a Harpers’ Cloak, a secret society of do-gooders.

The party heads to Driel’s house to retrieve some military transcripts important to bringing down Tharcus’ rule. The house was ransacked, but some of the documents are found. Afterward, we go to Alfus Tauriel. Kurgen can go testify against Tharcus in court. Neroxiks has to teach Kurgen courtroom manners.

The next day, when Kurgen goes to the courtroom, the rest of the party, minus Neroxiks, goes to the market. Neroxiks tries to do research on who killed his family.

The trial commences, with Ravengard as the judge, and Alfus as the prosecution. Kurgen testifies, followed by Jacquo and Roy, then Tharcus himself. At the end, the jury pronounces Tharcus guilty, with the sentence of banishment. At this point, the courtroom goes dark, and when the lights come back, the Watch standing guard in there are dead, and Tharcus is gone. Ravengard declares Tharcus an enemy of the state.

The party rendezvous at the inn, and decide to go after Tharcus. They make for the military stables, where Tharcus would be going to retrieve his horse. A battle ensues. At the end of the fight, Tharcus has been incapacitated. Suddenly, some sort of pyramid rises out of the ground, with a 60-foot square base, destroying the barn and leaving the party on the side of it. It apparently contains an incredibly powerful mummy lord. We have to make sure that they keep it contained until we’re strong enough to return.

We sleep.
24th of Tarsakh (16 days to full moon)

We go to the port, and find a boat bound for Luskan. (We still need to negotiate the price)



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