Stone Cold Shatterings

Session 16

Session 16 Log

(Reward for stealing that box of fish were some sort of healing beads? Fasgarron is cured of his kleptomania.)

9th of Mirtul (1 day to full moon)

The adventure resumes with Kurgen and Fasgarron searching for leads on some missing children.

They talk to a widowed Tiefling named Whotchy Gretchen. Her missing child is apparently named Nivelly. The child had apparently fallen in with the Dead Rats’ Gang. The child was last seen at the Drowned Rat, a now-abandoned tavern. The place is worn down and falling to pieces.

They hear the sound of a coin being flipped, and then they see a human who appears to be chewing something, possibly tobacco or the like. Fasgarron asks him if he knows anything about the case, and the stranger asks for payment, and of course, Fasgarron offers his friendship…

A few more of his friends show up. Fasgarron tries to challenge them to some sort of game before Kurgen ends the silliness with a bribe.

The guy mentions that Nivelly was about to undergo her gang initiation, but many of their gang has also been disappearing.

Fasgarron offers to join the gang in an effort to get to the cause of the kidnapping by acting as bait. The idea is ultimately decided against. Not a whole lot has been learned yet.

They mention Bivin Ratfink as a missing gang member, then the party fills them in on his execution. Then they start transforming into wererats, despite not being a full moon? They’re natural lycanthropes, apparently. Combat begins.

They defeat the wererats. Fasgarron steals a shiv. Then they just leave.

Neroxiks leaves to investigate an elephant graveyard or something, and gets captured for character absence convenience.

The rest of the party meet back up, and decide they should go looking for Neroxiks to rescue him from whatever trouble he’s getting into. Turns out the Elephant Graveyard is a tavern.

Sindro investigates, and determines that Neroxiks didn’t even make it to the tavern. After a brief conversation with a Gnoll, the party decides to return where Neroxiks split off. After a search, the party finds signs of struggle, as if Neroxiks had been kidnapped. They find tiny footprints leading to the outskirts of town before they lose the trail.

Thorndar turns into a wolf, and finds that the scent of wyverns is nearby. No more significant traces here.

We eventually head back and go to the Seven Sails Inn, to talk to a bartender who might have information about the missing children. The bartender says that there’s a priest at the Winter Palace who had dealings with troubled kids, and might be related to the disappearances. The Winter Palace is the temple of Auril here in Luskan.

The party travels to the Winter Palace, a large, ornate, open temple. Thorndar gets very upset being there, and is escorted outside. Fasgarron and Sindro talk to the priest. He doesn’t give much useful info, but says that the kids had been in trouble with the law. He says the last time he had seen any of them was two weeks ago. Sindro detects that this isn’t true.

Thorndar climbs a pillar stealthily, and sees that the children are in fact being held captive by the temple. He messages this to Sindro, and he and Fasgarron leave.

Neroxiks has apparently been kidnapped by High Captain Taerl. Grigarr is also there. He’s hooked up to a machine that can siphon his life force. Taerl is interrogating him about ship structure or something? Neroxiks eventually convinces her to hook Grigarr up to the machine or something, and church bells start going off. Stuff’s weird.

Kevin casts darkness and breaks free of the restraints. In the confusion, he happens to find a secret door, and makes his way outside. He emerges in a crypt, in the ruins of Ilusk. He knows how to escape, but he knows that the undead live here.

Meanwhile, the rest of the party meets up to discuss their next move about the kids in the temple. They decide to return to the Drowned Rat inn to rest and plan their move. They seek help from the Dead Rats’ Gang.

Thorndar mentions a secret passage he found, and the plan is to attack through there while the Dead Rats’ Gang creates a distraction.

Back at the Temple of Valkur, Neroxiks reunites with the party, and passes out. Thorndar heals him, and the next morning, the party moves to attack the Winter Palace.

Fasgarron discovers that the inscription on his bow reads, “When the scorpion loses his fox, he must cease to be a scorpion.” None of the rest of the party know this.

Another day apparently passed at some point, and Sindro goes wolf, apparently? I definitely lost track of a night at some point.

10th of Mirtul (full moon)

Secrets of Lycanthropy, as told by Hyrsam to Sindro. He wants Sindro to compile this knowledge into a book and allow it to spread.

“The first secret is that when an afflicted lycanthrope is transformed during the full moon, it is not because the beast has taken over, but rather that the man and the beast inside are at war; therefore, the host becomes like an elephant on its must and attacks all in sight, with no rhyme or reason. The full moon gives the beast the power to attempt to wrest control from the man and beckons it to express itself outwardly; however, the beast has not taken control until the host’s outlook has been changed in human form as well. Any progeny the host produces from this point will be natural born lycanthropes. The second secret of lycanthropes is the relationship to silver. Silver only harms a werewolf if it makes contact with its blood. The beast feels an aversion to silver because Selune created silver as a weapon to fight off the avatar of Malar when he first invaded the world, a bow and arrow wielded by the hero Gevauden. Any other creatures weak against silver are vulnerable because these are monsters Gevauden slew with his bow and arrow in his life. When worn on the body, the silver acts as a gatekeeper instead of an executioner to the disease. This is because Selune recognizes that unlike with some creatures such as vampires and devils, there is still a good host at war with the beast. Just as the full moon acts as a power source for the beast, the silver acts as a whip and stool for the man.
The final phase of conquering the beast is when Hyrsam reveals the importance of the familiar on nights of the moon. A sufferer of lycanthropy need not suffer alone, and ultimately the beast is stronger than the man and if left to fight the beast alone, the man will eventually lose to the beast. A being closely bonded to the afflicted, whether it be a partner in marriage, a familiar, or creatures bonded by destiny, can lend their spirit to help the man gain control of the beast. After having to contend with the man, the silver, and that bonded to the man, the beast will eventually yield and become submissive to the man, and although the beast will outwardly express itself during the full moon, it will be submissive to the man’s command.”

The party informs the priests of Valkur of their attack plan. The priests are hesitant to attack themselves, as they say it will do no good.

In the morning, the party moves on to attack the Winter Palace. There’s a new wanted poster out for Neroxiks, offered by the High Captain, offering “enough gold to keep you warm for the rest of your days.” Sindro suspects that Taerl would reward whoever brought in the bounty with one gold piece, then set them on fire.

The battle begins, as the party attacks through the secret entrance that Thorndar found.



The enemies are defeated, and all of the children are alive, though several are wounded. Neroxiks and Fasgarron evacuate the children through the side entrance, while the rest deal with the people battering down the front door, assumed to be either the Dead Rats Gang.

Turns out it’s not the Dead Rats Gang. It’s a bunch of gnolls and trolls, looking for Neroxiks. Sindro throws them off the trail, but has to promise to bring Neroxiks to the Elephant Graveyard within 24 hours, or else they’ll come for us.

The party returns to the inn to regroup. Thorndar tries to sneak off somewhere, though the rest of the party notices. Thorndar agrees to have Sindro accompany him invisibly, but he’s detected. The people he meets with don’t seem to mind. The Captain Sindro meets is High Captain Dagmaer Suljack. The people he meet tell Thorndar they know more about the Lythari. There’s an island called Fang Island that had legends of a lost people. No ships have ever made it there.

The woman wants a favor from Thorndar before giving them a ship to try to go to Fang Island. A rival ship has been causing them trouble. The rival is High Captain Throa Taerl. Of course, the party agrees to go. Before they leave, Captain Suljack pulls aside Sindro to talk to him. She offers a pair of ivory goat statues if the party brings her Taerl’s head, even though they don’t need to kill her to complete the job, just remove her from power.
Thorndar and Sindro head back to the inn and explain the situation. The party decides to ignore the gnolls, confident they can defeat whoever they send as long as they are rested and prepared. They rest and begin to plan their attack on Taerl.



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