Stone Cold Shatterings

Session 7

The party rests for a day after the battle on the mountaintop
Date: Ches 20
3 days until Sindro becomes a werewolf

Fasgarron wants to talk to Grigarr to warn him of the Zhentarim’s plans to overthrow him. Kurgen and Sindro stay back to buy rations for the trip to Luskan, where the party has decided to go, for the interests of Kurgen and Thorndar.

The encounter with Grigarr somehow goes peacefully (likely due to the lack of Sindro), then the party departs for Luskan. It will be a five-day journey.

Along the road, a giant owl is seen. Neroxiks manages to approach it safely and it ultimately leaves the party alone.

Later that night the first watch encounters a Zhentarim patrol. They even set up camp nearby, but we manage to evade them, and they move on.

Date: Ches 21
2 days until Sindro becomes a werewolf

Day of travel goes uneventfully

Date: Ches 22
1 day until Sindro becomes a werewolf

Fasgarron finds a small shrine. It’s recognized as the unholy symbol of Auril. The shrine has some bones around it. Sindro recognizes it as the bones of the creatures that attacked his village, but doesn’t fully reveal it to the party. Date otherwise is uneventful.

Date: Ches 23
The day Sindro is expected to turn for the first time.

Towards dusk, they bind his hands together. During the transformation process, howling is heard, which Neroxiks identifies as gnolls. There’s a lot of them. Sindro breaks the ropes and ends up attacking the gnolls. The battle is won, and Thorndar knocks Sindro unconscious. Sindro has survived the first transformation successfully

Loot: 13 spears, one glaive, 14 gnoll pelts

Date: Ches 24
22 days until next full moon

The party meets a gang of Luskan soldiers on the road, who recognize Kurgen. A band of sprites drives them off with arrows. They explain that the “frog beasts” have been trouble since Sindro’s master vanished. Later, the party runs into someone appearing to be Sindro’s old master, known as “Badger,” thoughThorndar’s detect good and evil spell finds him to be one of the aberrations, Slaads, in disguise. A fight begins but we drive him off and he goes invisible.



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