Stone Cold Shatterings

Session 8

Shit gets cray

Session 8 Log

After the fight with the Slaad, we establish a plan to track the beast’s footprints, and leave a codephrase with the village elder, Roundbottle. The phrase is “Seen any snake people?” and the response “Not in Mother Russia.” We then try tracking the Slaad, and after a while we find the trail, and find some sort of rift, a tear in the fabric of the universe. It is a rift portal to the ever-changing realm of Limbo.

Against better judgment, the party enters the rift. Fasgarron manages to conjure a map with a path leading to a monastery, and the party floats off towards it. We find and fight a Slaad. We defeat the Slaad make it to the monastery.

The creatures there are Gith’Zerai, who, after some translation difficulties, tell us that we need to find and either kill the Slaad who created the rift, or make him un-summon it. Meanwhile, Thorndar, Fasgarron, and Neroxiks are outside, and decide to create their own rift, and SOMEHOW, IT WORKS?! They appear on a boat in the middle of the ocean, hopelessly separated from their party.


The boat is controlled by a party of fishermen from Murann.

After his experience in the rift, Fasgarron gets an insanity of being a kleptomaniac.

The sailors bring them back to Murann, meanwhile Kurgen and Sindro have been given cloaks that let them disguise themselves as Slaad, and were given books to study on the Slaad language and on true names. They spend at least 14 days learning.

Meanwhile, the party in Murann is working on hitching a ride on a caravan. Fasgarron and Neroxiks somehow temporarily join the city guard. He goes on a ton of hijinks that end up with him capturing 18 gang members, and is named a hero of the city.

Things got weird and now they’re being attacked in their sleep in a hotel. They end up halting a gang riot?

Meanwhile, Sindro and Kurgen discover that True Names can be used to control outsiders into doing their bidding, and they won’t hate you, but the more powerful the command, the more likely the outsider could break free.

4th of Tarsakh



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