Stone Cold Shatterings

Session 9

Session 9

Fasgarron, Thorndar, and Neroxiks make their way to Murann, and decide to basically start a small zoo, for some reason. Thorndar buys a domesticated dire wolf, they pool for some draft horses and a carriage, Fasgarron buys a kitten, and Neroxiks buys a giant boar. It’s been three days since going through the portal

They depart for Candlekeep with a caravan.

First day of travel uneventful.

On the second day, they meet a Zhentarim Tiefling and a human female in their caravan who Thorndar and Neroxiks think is oddly familiar. Neroxiks seems to remember her being from Darkhold Vale. Neroxiks and Thorndar disguise themselves, Neroxiks as a high elf, and Thorndar as a half-Orc.

The party approaches the unknown female who introduces herself as Rita, and asks the party if they want to buy wands.

Neroxiks charms ANOTHER shopkeeper. They’re trying to buy a dead wand from her that she refuses to sell. They attempt to steal it, too. It fails. Neroxiks’ familiar dies too. This is apparently the Zhentarim lieutenant that we threatened to escape the Zhentarim manor.

On the third day, they find that the Zhentarim Tiefling is dead, apparently by a greatsword. They search the caravan for greatswords and find that Fasgarron is the only one in the caravan with a greatsword. He uses his status as a paladin and one honored by the city, and they determine that it’s still not for sale.

On the fourth day, they encounter a Triceratops on the road that attacks the caravan. They defeat the Triceratops with no casualties.

Later, Thorndar and Neroxiks reveal that they know her real name, and she is beginning to really not like them. Neroxiks disguises himself as Sindro during this.

At least a full hour of this session was spent harassing this Zhentarim/wand seller person.

Jump back to Kurgen and Sindro. They depart the monastery wearing the Slaad cloaks. They take them off as they approach the Sanctum of True Names. It looks like a building constructed entirely from mirrors. The interior looks like a pond, surrounded by reeds. A shadowy figure about the size of a horse can be seen.

They enter the room. The shape becomes clear, and is some sort of mass of roots and plant matter. The thing asks if we are here for the true names, and we say yes. It says we can only get one name from here. The creature says it is called the Keeper of True Names.

Sindro explains whose true name he is looking for. Before the Keeper will give it to the two, it tests their strength through combat.

The Keeper of True Names is defeated literally seconds before Sindro dies. The Keeper reveals the true name of the Slaad that terrorized Sindro’s village is called Tyrophant the Deceiver.

Switch back to the other group. The caravan is now being attacked by ogres.

After a long battle, they are victorious over the ogres and protect the caravan again, though two guards were lost.

Later, they are attacked by minotaurs. Turns out Neroxiks made a deal with Brianna for something if he didn’t attack the minotaurs. The rest of the remaining party started fighting them, but then during the battle the minotaurs during battle were asking for a woman from the Zhentarim in return for safe passage. It was some random Zhentarim they didn’t really know anything about.

Eventually the 14th day is reached.

Jump back to the Limbo group.

Sindro speaks the true name of the Slaad, and commands him to keep him and any other Slaad he can away from harassing the forest and to never enter the material plane willingly again. We have him return us to the forest and we explain to the gnomes and sprites that the Slaad will trouble them no more. We stay at the village for another two days to attend the service of Sindro’s master (who they determined died at the hands of the Slaad), before departing for Scornubel, to attempt to find a mage that knows sending, in order to determine the status of the other party members.

6th of Karsahk – 6 days until Sindro transforms again.



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